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What's ParkBench?


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What's ParkBench?

ParkBench is a network of Web kiosks installed in locations in Manhattan which are accessible to the public. At each kiosk, users can browse the Web, make instantaneous contact with other sites using Web Video, and engage in collaborative creative action using the shared whiteboard. The ParkBench interface guides users to community and cultural information.

Each kiosk will be child- and wheelchair-accessible, and will be equipped with a canopy to protect equipment and user from the elements.

ASHS on ParkBench

We are collaborating with ASHS (Auxiliary Services for High Schools) of the New York City Board of Education to install kiosks at eight sites distributed throughout the five boroughs. Students will use the network to communicate with one another, create collaborative projects (including a newsletter); students will act as hosts at the public kiosk sites, introducing new users to the technology, while showing their work.