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Cross Species Connectivity

Hi, I’m Nina Sobell, I am a cross-platform artist and was recently nominated for the Prix de Rome, where I plan to continue my present project: Cross Species Connectivity, which explores the nature of interspecies communication.

Since 1973, I’ve been creating portraits - mental and physical, internal and external - of interpersonal non-verbal communication. Cross Species Connectivity draws upon my early scientifically based BrainWave Drawings, that used computer graphics to illustrate how individuals can influence each other non-verbally.

The current advances in science and field dynamics support my belief as an artist that all living entities are already communicating non-verbally with each other and that we "humans" are just becoming aware of this ability. In my artistic practice, I have come full circle in realizing communication is not limited to language and have explored joining with all forms of life telepathically.

Now, I am concentrating on the non-verbal communication between animals and humans. My emphasis is upon our interdependence and deep association with all living beings, especially with animals as being tantamount to our existence as a species.

As an animal lover, I was horrified to read that animal populations across the world have shrunk by an average of 69% between 1970 and 2018. I shudder to think about our inhumanity to other humans and animals that has occurred throughout time.

I worry about that aspect of human nature that is driven to establish superiority over others, and animals and their environments are easy targets. From putting birds in cages and fish in tanks, to their use in entertainment or animal husbandry, they become our servants and food at the expense of their condition as sentient beings.

+ By making hybrid portraits of humans fused with animals, I hope to bring attention to our commonalities and the natural connections across species. Hopefully they will help to heal the relationship between humans and other animals, and perhaps human to human as well.

I have recently embarked upon, and will continue developing, Cross Species Connectivity on the NFT Foundation platform and by minting weekly on #NFTMintMonday. These will take the form of merged physical portraits of humans and animals in a variety of circumstances: people and their pets, zookeepers and their animals, public figures of integrity with their Chinese zodiac animals, and symbolically derived portraits generated by AI. However, the AI portrait’s prompts will be inspired by the quest for our universal spiritual connection, by the morphing of ancient humans evolving into animals, instances of them forming sacred objects inside caves, and our search for unity.

Please leave your email here, so that we may keep in touch and I will send you project updates as they occur. Thank you!

I invite you to visit my webpage where there are extensive links to my entire body of work (NinaSobell.com), including this link to my NFT website on Foundation.

The first five NFT purchasers will receive a signed physical copy of the print.