Videophone Installation

London, Manchester, and Santa Monica, 1977 Sobell placed a telephone on the ledge outside the gallery window; she sat inside, facing away from the window at an oblique angle, with another telephone. A closed-circuit camera was trained on her face, and another on the faces of the public as they ap proached the phone. Split-screen monitors faced her and the public, with one side of the screen devoted to her image, the other to the other participant. By picking up the telephone on the ledge, participants could talk to her, and could see her face on the monitor.

Another split-screen monitor sat on a plinth at the rear of the gallery, which was completely walled off from the front; bystanders who were hesitant to participate themselves could watch by entering the gallery and walking all the way to the rear.

The piece was installed at London, Manchester, and later, with modifications, in Santa Monica. In Manchester, Sobell let the public come in and take over her seat, as well.