Six Moving Cameras, Six Converging Views

New York and Los Angeles, 1981-2 In a storefront window is built a rack supporting three tiers of monitors and three pairs of cameras. The cameras are mounted on oscillators, which cause them to pan the street outside the window in 90-degree sweeps. The monitors' screens are split, so each half represents the input of one camera. The cameras mounted on the bott om tier pan the sidewalk: the right camera scans from far right to center a back again, while the left camera sweeps from far left to center and back. The images converge at the center, where pedestrians' feet are engulfed by the sidewalk. The middle t ier represents the level of the storefronts on the opposite side of the street, and the top tier shows the sweep from earth to skyscrapers' tops to earth to sky. Inside the gallery, one monitor with a six-way split represented the amalgamation of all six views.

The piece was installed at Franklin Furnace, New York, and at LACE in LA.